How does a Slidepod work

Power for your Slidepod

One of the many benefits of a having a Slidepod is the various ways you can power your Slidepod, Giving you cost effective options for your van.

A Slidepod has been designed to use very little power, making it possible to run off just the engine battery alone via a 12v socket (Cigarette lighter type) which are normally located in the rear of your van or in the dash.

A socket can be installed (if required), or a longer lead (3m) can be provided free of charge to allow you to use the dashboard 12v socket if preferred. Alternatively, the Slidepod can be powered from a leisure battery or a portable power pack, such as the EcoFlow Delta

The Slidepod Gen 3 Kitchen hob

 The  rear camping kitchen unit come as standard with a double ring gas burner with a Piezo ignition system. The integrated gas delivery system for the two-burner hob is situated on the rear of the unit. This system is compatible with 2 x 500g Butane/Propane Gas Cartridges. The gas can be purchased from most camping shops or online stores. single Induction hob variants are now available along with single gas/ single induction versions.

Sink and water tanks

The camping kitchen hob unit also offers a good size sink which is bigger than the the VW California Ocean's sink. With a stylish chrome tap and integrated fresh and waste water tanks allows for ease, convenience and practicality when doing the washing up. The Slidepod has an electric waste water valve to allow you to drain and dispose of your waste water easily and responsibly. The Standard Height Gen 3 Slidepod comes with a 20ltr waste water tank and the compact houses a 16ltr tank.

Storage cupboard

Underneath is a large storage cupboard with interchangeable shelves for all your camping cooking equipment and food items. This space is accessed by a large tambour door, saving precious space without using hinged cupboard doors.

Casing unit

The Slidepod "Gen 3" includes the casing unit as standard. The rear pull out camping kitchen unit is housed within a casing system that is bolted and strapped to the floor of your van. The kitchen unit simply slides onto the self-locating runners of the casing system, allowing for easy installation or removal from the van. The casing unit and kitchen pod can be removed by two people within 5 minutes. The standard casing Height is 535mm and the compact height is 425mm. We can also build to custom heights at your request.

Kitchen unit

Bed Board Upgrade

The hinged bed board system is an upgrade that works with the casing unit to create a full length bed platform that either works in conjunction with your rear seats folded flat, or as a stand alone bed system. It is available in 3 different sizes to suit your van... (1860 x 1450mm, 1860 x 1300mm & 1860 x 1200mm)

Colour choices for your Slidepod

Casing unit

  • VW T5 - T6.1

    Whatever your VW Transporter model we have designed a Slidepod to fit perfectly and work with your van to give you a comfy campervan within minutes.

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  • T7 Multivan

    A new Slidepod for the new VW T7 Multivan. Transform this family vehicle into a campervan quickly and easily.

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  • The Seatpod

    The  Seatpod is a cost effective campervan conversion solution that  has been specifically designed for people that do not have, or do not wish to pay the huge conversion cost of adding rear passenger seats to their van.

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  • Vans with the RIB 150 seat

    Specifically designed for the Rib Altair 150 triple/bed system. This is an excellent set up for a family and bridges the gap between daily driver and campervan perfectly.

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  • VW.ID.Buzz

    The Gen 3 Compact Slidepod is the best product on the market to transform your ID.Buzz into a campervan. It is fully removable and the unit works in both the cargo and passenger variant of the ID.Buzz.

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  • Ford Transit Custom

    The Gen 3 Slidepod is a direct fit into the ever popular Ford Transit Custom

    One of the easiest, practical and cost effective ways to turn your van into a campervan is with a Slidepod.

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  • Mercedes Vito Tourer

    The Gen 3 Slidepod will also fit the Mercedes Vito Tourer

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  • Marco Polo Horizon

    The Marco Polo Horizon offers owners adventures in style and ease with the agility and handling comfort of a car. A Slidepod turns this luxury vehicle into a fully spec campervan.

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  • Don't need a kitchen pod?

    A campervan camping system that gives your van a king size bed and a super big storage drawer, perfect for people who just need a big comfy bed and plenty of storage when camping.

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  • The Gen 3 Universal Slidepod

    The Universal Slidepod comes in two different heights allowing it to fit many of the different panel vans on the market, from the Citroen Dispatch to the Mercedes Sprinter.

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