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Seatpod 2.Zero Kitchen & Utility Drawer Pod

Seatpod 2.Zero Kitchen & Utility Drawer Pod

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 The Seatpod is designed to fit any medium sized van and includes a full Slidepod 2.Zero kitchen unit, day seat, large storage drawer, and a full-size king size bed system.

Optional upgrades can also be added to the Seatpod to enhance the versatility of your van.

An extra thick 3 inch memory foam mattress comes as standard on the seatpod.

A Seatpod can fit into all T5-T6.1 non modified VW Transporter panel vans and most other medium sized panel vans that have four lashing points. See photo for exact dimensions and to confirm it will fit your van, please contact the office on 01626 906534.


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