Why choose a Slidepod?

Probably one of the most iconic image of van life is the VW Transporter with the pop top roof and an internal kitchen. However, times have changed and now people need one vechice that does everything. From the school run, the weekly shop, or being the work van, people also want their daily driver to be a campervan.

A Slidepod gives your van everything it needs to be a campervan. Allowing you the flexabilty and the freedom to use your van as a campervan for day trips, weekend adventures or even touring around Europe with from just one van!

What you need to consider when converting your van?

What bed system is best?

Choosing the right bed system is vital for a good night's sleep. Get it wrong and it can ruin the whole trip. Vans with internal cupboards tend to only have 3/4 width bed which are smaller than a double mattress, far from ideal for families sharing, or for people that prefer a big comfy bed. The Slidepod system gives your van a King size bed by working in conjuction with your seats or with an additional bed board. The Slidepod is also capble of working with the RIB Altair 150. This bed system is considered to be the best and safest on the market. To find
out more about the RIB Altair



An electrical supply is essential when camping, but there is no need to install a costly leisure electric system when you have a Slidepod. A Slidepod only needs access to a 12v socket for the LED lights and the water pump. For all your other electrical needs  we recommend using a portable power station. A portable power station is an electric generator that comes in varying sizes and has multiple ways of charging. From plugging into a mains electric socket, 12v or even a USB from your campervan allows charging whilst on the move and you can also plug in a portable solar panel allowing it to be charged throughout the day for free.

To find out more about theses amazing power station click on www.transporterhq.com to find out more.


Being able to carry plenty of water allows for more freedom on the road.
The Slidepod comes with a grey waste water tank, one large fresh water tank and with the ability to add a second one. This set up keeps you self-sufficient for longer and able to dispose of grey waste responsibly.

How do you store everything if you don't have internal cupboards?

You may think that the compromise of having a king size bed system is the loss of storage, but far from it. The benefit of not having permeant cupboards allows for more flexibility and creativity when packing.