Slidepod- how it works for us as a family of 5

Slidepod- how it works for us as a family of 5


As a family of 5 travelling in a T5 we need to be creative with how we use our space and store everything that we need. Our first priority was to have a full bench in the back so that the children were all sat together safely. We also really wanted to be able to have some storage as well as a hob and running water. If I am honest, I didn’t think that we would be able to achieve both of these… until we came across Slidepods!

The slidepod gives us the best of both worlds- we have enough space to house our big family inside the van as well as somewhere to store lots of stuff and make a cup of tea simply and easily. The slidepod is big enough to store all of the things that we need for cooking and making a cup of tea, as well as other important things such as the fire blanket, utensils, fairy lights and bunting.

The bed is really easy to put up- I can do it on my own in less than 30 seconds. This was another huge draw for us to the Slidepod. It has a big water tank behind it so that we don’t need to refill it all the time as well as a waste tank that is easy to empty. There are gaps down the side of the slidepod that we use to store the shower hose, collapsible washing up bowl, dustpan and brush, mallet, axe and even more fairy lights. There is also gap between the Slidepod and the full bench which is big enough to store lots of day to day and camping essentials. This means that we don’t need to pack much at the children’s feet- so they are comfy and safe when we are driving.

The extra features such as the shower hose and the tap make keeping us all clean much easier, especially as the children can use it by themselves. The table that comes with the Slidepod is brilliant- easily stored in the pocket on the mattress and gives a huge amount of food prep/ tea making space. We are really grateful to have found Slidepods to help us achieve our goals of vanlife. We travelled for 5 weeks in Europe last summer and the Slidepod made it so much simpler.

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