How to convert a VW Transporter into a campervan

How to convert a VW Transporter into a campervan

The VW Transporter van has become synonymous for being the best vehicle to convert into a campervan. One of the most easiest, practical and cost effective way to turn your van into a campervan is with a Slidepod.

Rather than spending a small fortune and losing the practicalities of your van by installing a fixed kitchen and bed system, a Slidepod is simple but an ingenious solution that is fully removable and gives your van a king size bed system and a kitchen pod that boasts a twin ring gas burner, sink with a tap, integrated gas system, fresh and waste water tanks and a storage cupboard that can easily store all your pots, pans, plates and food items. 

The freedom and flexibility to use your van in the week for work, the school run, the food shop or trips to Ikea, a Slidepod transforms your van into a campervan whenever you desire quickly and easily with no modification's needed.

Day trips, weekends away or even for the longer camping trips, a Slidepod allows you to change your lifestyle without changing your van.


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