Panel van to campervan without a conversion

Panel van to campervan without a conversion

Campervans have been an excellent choice for people who want to travel and see the world from the comfort of their vans. No need to put up a tent or endure the stress of towing a caravan, a campervan has everything that you need for your adventures.

The downside of a campervan, is that many people are put off by the financial costs involved and space needed of having a campervan sat on their driveway for weeks on end not being used.

A Slidepod enables you to turn your work van into a campervan within minutes, and back into a van when you return from your adventures.

The fully removable system allows you to turn your van into a campervan without compromising the flexibility of a van that you need for daily routine.

When the weekend comes, remove the work equipment and pack up the camping kit, and you’re ready to go. 



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