BusFest 2016

Busfest 2016 was fantastic show. So pleased to see so many people there dispite the weather at the start of the weekend. We were happy to have 5 spectacular vans on our pitch demonstrating our conversion styles and a selection of our Slidepods. The stand looked great and showed how practical Slidepods are whatever the weather (Khyam Rear Drive away awnings work perfectly to provide extra shelter). Whilst I am sifting through all the photos to put some up on here I thought I would post up this fabulous instagram video of our stand a very kind Busfest visitor has made and posted on instagram.


A French Foray

A French Foray – A 6 page article in Issue 2 of Campervan magazine about our family holiday in Ronnie our demo Slidepods van. Check out the full article/pictures through this link

Slidepods in magazine, campervan magazine

We chose to spend 6 weeks of my maternity leave touring around France in Ronnie our Slidepods Demo van. We chose France because we had friends that lived there, we wanted to go further afield than Cornwall(!), Jonny speaks a little French and so we thought it would be a bit of an adventure to travel down through France. With 2 young children and a dog any further would be a bit too much of a trek. We also had to think about fitting Esme’s immunisations around the trip so going away for longer wasn’t an option either


We left home 4 weeks after our daughter was born so sleep deprivation didn’t leave a lot of time for thinking but we packed as light as we could whilst trying to pack for every eventuality, we probably should have packed less though!


We set off with a lunch box full of snacks for the toddler and multiple episodes of Cbeebies downloaded on the iplayer (cant get Cbeebies online abroad).


We had to plan the route around not driving too many hours a day and stopping regularly for breaks and food. The baby was easy, she was so little she just slept and fed!


We took the Euro tunnel over to France and avoided the tolls. We were happy touring around and so didn’t mind taking the slower roads through central France. We spent the first week visiting friends  near Bergerac then spent the next 4 weeks touring round the Dordogne and up to the Loire valley.


Because of having 2 young children we did book 2 sites for 2 of the weeks. With Hind sight, there was no need at all. France has so many sites everywhere, which, out of season, have plenty of availability. The ones you can book on line tend to be the more expensive ones so we wish we had winged it a bit more and next time we will just turn up.


It was great to spend time with our close friend on the South of France but the best bit was having the freedom to pack up and take the whole family wherever we wanted, to stop when we wanted and so having a great big adventure. 


|Unfortunatley both children got chickenpox whilst we were over there. We had booked a Eurocamp for 5 days for our toddler Finn so he could play in the big water park and make the most of all the facilities. Unfortunately he got his chicken pox just as we arrived and so couldn’t do any of it and just had to watch the other children having fun! Our then 7 week old daughter had it a week later too. Both were amazing and just got on with it, it could have meant an early exit from France and a sad trip home but they were great and it didn’t stop us carrying on.


Our advice for anyone thinking of a great adventure with very young children/dogs – Don’t over think it, just crack on and do it!!

Happy New Year from Slidepods!

Happy New Year from Slidepods!

A few days late, but happy new year from Slidepods to you all. It has been a really busy start to the new year for Slidepods, hence this late post. We went up for a little busman’s holiday to Liverpool (Jane’s old home) for the Camperex Live show. It was the 1st year this show has run and is a great one to kick off the exhibition/show calendar. A really family friendly event, which is a good job as Esme (our 8month old) was with us on the stall all weekend and was definitely our best sales girl!

We were spoilt by VW Liverpool van centre bringing their T6 Cali Beach onto our stand so that we could show off a Beach pod in it as well as having a Multi pod in Ronnie our T5 Caravelle. It was a hectic 3 days, we were non stop busy showing off our pods and were so happy with the interest we had and the lovely people we met. Please have a look at a few of the photos from the weekend.

There were plenty of other great stalls, but one grabbed our attention in particular – Driftwood campers. Stunning handcrafted caravan, perfect for glamping/romantic getaways! They have a lovely gallery of photos for you to peruse on their website.


Custom Cannons Forge Slidepod (full width bed)

The Cannons Forge Slidepod (full width bed)

This Cannons Forge Slidepod was a one off design for a full width cannons forge bed. The space under the bed is very limited but we are proud to say we still managed to get a Slidepod with double burner, sink, 22l fresh water tank, shower, double USB, 12v Auto socket, lighting and removable table! Additional storage space is accessed front the front of the rock’n’roll bed.

The table has a further mounting rail inside the van and is stored cleverly on the internal wall of the van (see pics)

To maximise storage further we have produced a matching ‘Buddy Box’. Finally there are matching seat base backs.

Slidepods have also fitted to this van: 3m LWB Fiamma F45S awning; Reimo Multirail; Sidebars,; Sportscraft Seat Swivells for both drivers and passengers seats.

Magnificant Multi

Magnificant Multi

We wanted to share with you a few pictures of the rather Magnificent Multi. This is a gloss black Multi pod which is currently under construction in our work shop. It comes with huge internal storage, 2burner hob, sink, integrated waste water tank, removable cutlery roll, USB ports, 12V socket, shower, internal and external lighting and table! The complete package. The Multi will fit into any VW T5/T6 Caravelle, triple seat Beach or VW conversion with genuine floor rails and genuine VW triple seat. It can be used in place of a multiflex board meaning your seats can be folded flat and with a mattress topper you have an instant campervan!

The Multi pod is fully removable when not in use.

The Gloss black pod looks very sleek and elegant, we are really looking forward to seeing it set up in its new owners van-pictures will be on here soon hopefully!

Martin Dorey ‘The Camper van Cook’ Photo Shoot

Martin Dorey ‘The Camper van Cook’ Photo Shoot

Martin Dorey ‘The Camper van Cook’ Photo Shoot

Martin Dorey, known as ‘The Camper Van Cook’, has written 2 books (‘The Camper Van Cookbook’ and ‘Campervan Coast’) and presented the BBC 2 series ‘One man and his Campervan’. We enjoyed the series and love his books, they are full of great recipes and Campervan Coast has some really lovely, helpful ideas and advice on how to make the best of taking your campervan to the coast in all seasons.

We are really excited to be involved in his next book due out next Spring. We spent last Friday at a photoshoot for the book with our new 2016 Ultra Slidepod. The new pod has the bonus of harder wearing edge trim. A removable cutlery roll, new lighting and a table which can be attached to the pod or used inside the van with the right fixing. We are so please with how it looks, and we think Martin was too!

Here are a few sneaky peak photos we took of Martin Dorey photographing our van! Hopefully we will have the professional ones through soon too. In the meantime have a look at these…




Slidepods Overnight In Exmouth

Slidepods Overnight In Exmouth

Slidepods overnight in Exmouth. Exmouth is one of our favourite places in Devon with its huge long sandy beach and family friendly atmosphere. We often come for the day to take the dog for a walk, go bowling or in the summer we love to treat ourselves to a meal at the amazing River Exe Cafe. Yesterday, we decided it was such a beautiful day that once Jonny had finished pod building we would head over to Exmouth for dinner on the Sea front (Lamb curry cooked from the brilliant ‘Camper van Coast’ book by Martin Dorey), a few beers and stay overnight. Exmouth seafront must be one of the few places in the country you are allowed to do this!

We arrived set up and started cooking on our new 2016 Ultrapod as the sun started to go down.

It was a stunning view to relax with. We loved cooking on the new 2016 Ultrapod, the addition of the extra large inside space, cutlery roll, lighting and table made cooking on the Ultrapod even more easy and enjoyable. We used our new pan set which all fits inside each other as a great space saving solution, nothing stuck to the pans and nothing burnt! We had a great nights sleep and woke up to just as impressive a sun rise…

A beautiful clear morning spent playing on the beach, drinking coffee, shooting the breeze with friends and watching the horses galloping along the beach, what a great start to the weekend! Washing up was super easy and mess free with the addition of our new draining board, draining down our pods integrated waste water tank was also clean and efficient with our extra waste water tank with hose connector – no mess left behind!

We cannot wait for our next Slidepods adventure.


Gloss White Beach Pod

Gloss White Beach Pod

Have a look at our most recent beautiful Beach pod. It has been made with Gloss White light weight ply with black edge trim and looks simply stunning in this white with black detailingCalifornia Beach. We have been really excited to work on it and are thrilled with how it has come out. As well as the Beach Slidepod we have also installed a 240v hook up, with a volt meter and sockets and matching seat base covers. We both have total van envy now! The Beach pod also forms the last third of the bed and with a matress topper made specially for Slidepods by Comfortz Leisure no one on the campsite will be having a better nights sleep!

Beach Slidepod, rear kitchen unit, VW kitchen pod, VW california Beach, beach pod The lucky new owners have just picked it up and are straight off for a weekends camping, we hope they have a great time using the Slidepod and making the most out of their Cali Beach.

Beach Slidepod, rear kitchen unit, VW kitchen pod, VW california Beach pod

Beach Slidepod, rear kitchen unit, VW kitchen pod, VW california Beach pod

Beach Slidepod, rear kitchen unit, VW kitchen pod, VW california Beach pod


VW T5 T6 Cal;ifornia Beach rear kitchen unit


VW California Beach Slidepod, removable raer kitchen pod


Slidepods Workshop

Slidepods Workshop

Work is well underway in the Slidepods workshop for this round of Slidepods production. Currently in the works is a stunning gloss white with black edge trim ‘Beach’ model. It is going into an equally stunning White, with black detailing, VW California Beach. Jonny and I have (not so) secret van envy!! We are really happy with how everything is going and how beautiful it is looking. We cant wait to have it finished and hand it over to its new owners so they can start using it and getting even more from their Cali Beach.

Slidepods workshop, Sliodepods Beach, VW California Beach

Slidepods 'Beach' pod for VW California Beach, kitchen unit

VW California Beach kitchen unit, kitchen pod

White Gloss Beach pod, kithcen unit for California Beach

VW California Beach kitchen pod, Slidepods 'Beach' pod

VW California Beach kitchen pod, Slidepods 'Beach' pod

There is so much attention to detail going into every pod, Jonny makes them all by hand. This pod is coming with a shower, 12V plug and USB ports on it as well as the standard set up with SMEV double gas burner/sink combo, integrated waste water tank and loads of storage. We will be posting pictures of the finished product very soon.

Beautiful day for a trip in Ronnie to Bellever Forest

Taking Ronnie to Bellever Forest

A beautiful late summer Sunday, time to pack up and take Ronnie to Bellever Forest on Dartmoor. A truly stunning setting for a walk along the river with the kids and dog, we had a great time teaching Finn to play Pooh sticks and Buster was causing mayhem getting us all soaked with his frequent dives into the river.

Our van Ronnie gives us the freedom to escape to what ever beautiful part of the country we choose whenever we want. Our Slidepod means day trips out are so much easier and relaxed we can stop, make a cup of tea or coffee anywhere we want, make a quick dinner for the kids, hose down a dirty wet dog, store all our crockery and food or just grab a drink of water. All this and we still have all the space in the main seating area of the van. If we then decide we want to stay out and about (or have a few drinks) our van can turn into a campervan in just a few minutes. This versatility is so important to us and is why we believe Slidepods are the best way to turn any van into a campervan.

Ronnie T5 Caravelle Slidepods Campervan

VW T5 day van kitchen pod Slidepods

Outdoor lifestyle with VWT5 Caravelle campervan conversion Slidepods

SLidepods campervan conversion specialist

REar Slide out kitchen pod, kitchen unit, VW T5 Caravelle