About Us

Slidepods: Removable Campervan Kitchen pods and Van conversions- by Jonny and Jane


Jonny and Jane love the outdoor lifelstyle. They bought their first VW T5 panel van so they could throw an airmatress in the back to crash on after a days surfing. Once they bought it they got the bug and so began the process of converting it into a camper van. Jonny, a master carpenter/joiner by trade, finished the van to such a high quality standard that it was featured in VWt magazine.


130224 Jonny & Jane T5 -008

Jonny and Jane soon realised they needed a van that was more than just a campervan, they needed it to function as a ‘best’ passenger vehicle too for their growing family. They made the decision to sell their beloved van and start again. This time Jonny chose a Caravelle and so the idea for Slidepods gradually evolved. They wanted a full width bed and the ability to fit 2 childrens seats into isofix so standard interior furniture was not an option. Jonny utilised his 15 years of joinery experience to develop the original Slidepod which is a high quality campervan kitchen pod with the flexibility of being removable to store or use as a stand alone kitchen in an awning.

Jane, Jonny and their 2 children used the original Slidepod (1st picture above) whilst travelling around Europe and the South West in 2015, they then took it to a VW show. The interest in the Slidepod was so great that they have decided to bring it to market and now produce high quality versatile campervan kitchen pods as well as a full conversion service for those who require more from their vehicle than just a campervan.

Our values

Jonny and Jane believe in producing a high quality product made with the best materials available so to combine style with functionality. They aim to provide an excellent service based on clear communication whether purchasing a standardised pod, fully customised pod or full conversion. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business ethos.